Deep Blue

I laid my face on the board, my arms above me, resting. The slivers of sun lay vertically on my vision, little droplets of light dewed on my eyelashes. I blinked, swaying up and down in the waves. The horizon lay as a line slicing my face in half, off quite a ways. I had […]

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Garden Isle // Kaua’i

I slept under the sound of rainfall on the roof. The screened in room I am in lets in the sounds of the night and a gentle breeze as the brief torrent passes through. I dream of buoying in the ocean, watching the fish below, paddling out to the breaks and my body is weightless […]

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Gathering Place // O’ahu

It was the most unprepared I’d been for a trip, and a big part of me wished I could simply sleep in the next day. It had been a long, hard week of work, goodbyes, and change. I wanted to hide under the covers. Instead, I stayed awake until two a.m. packing, cleaning etc. Five […]

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Slow Fade

There was a woman I  saw at clinic one day,  whom I was meeting for the very first time. We had asked her to come in to see me, due to some  very alarming results in her blood work. She had what we call, severe microcytic hypo chromic anemia ( fancy term for saying that her […]

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Into the Wildwood

It was just me… me and the woods under a cloudy sky. A cathedral of trees vaulting above me– mossy and lush and elegant.  All I could hear was my steps, landing softly on the  muddy trail, occasionally splashing into the puddles in the sunken, uneven ground. The ground was shimmering, and my strides were only sometimes […]

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Moving into the american culture at an age that, in my homeland, was considered to be the entrance to womanhood was a shock to my system. I was fifteen and hopeful, fifteen and bright eyed–and naive. The cultural rug, if you will, that I had known my whole life pulled out from under me. Mexico […]

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Part III: Yosemite

Although our viewing of the Canyon was short, we were able to stay until the stars came out. The brightness of the moon made their light dimmer but, on the upside, it made the snow glow so that even in the dark we could see quite far into the canyon.  We started our  descent, back […]

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Helium Balloon

Early this morning, while it was still dark, I woke up slowly to sheer anticipation for what was to come.  The move to Portland doesn’t get any more tangible than this: the official “house hunting” trip.  We have made our first flight and now, I sit in that gray and in-between time that we know […]

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